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supporting 300 languages


for instant access to

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Over The Phone Interpreting OPI

The most advanced, most flexible telephonic interpreting system available today.​

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Video Remote Interpreting VRI

All you need to get started is internet connectivity, a mobile device or computer configured with internet access, and a webcam

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On-Site Interpreting

Where the Limited English Speaker feels uncomfortable using remote interpreting technologies such as smartphones, tablets, or computers.


Crowd of Professional Interpreters

Thousands of professional interpreters and hundreds of languages.

Advanced & Convenient System

Fun experience in using our phone application.


We take every possible effort to keep all your LEP's information 100% confidential.

24/7 Interpreting Services

Access professional, and qualified interpreters 24/7

Video Remote Interpreting VRI

High-Definition, broadcast quality video experience

Affordable Rates

We're mindful to save you any additional cost related to interpreting services. 
Minimum request time is 15 minutes

Stay Connected

We get you the technology to use a mobile application, (landline phones, 
tablets, computer) to stay connected to your LEP clients.

Over the Phone Interpreting

LanguageXS uses an advance telephonic system for interpreting services.

HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA is an effective compliance at our services

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