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Why LanguageXS Is Your Best Translation Agency?

There are a good amount of reasons for which a business can face failure and a major chunk of those traces back to some kind of miscommunication. The risk of miscommunication can even increase exponentially when you are doing business with a person of different languages. This is exactly the reason why we, at LanguageXS, make sure that your business is never lost in translation and you can focus on the work you are good at. We are totally free to sign up and there are no hidden charges you have to pay. Here are some of the more reasons why you should hire us:


Finding and managing qualified translators

We all know that trying to find a suitable and affordable interpreter for your project yourself can be a big headache. We work with thousands of professional interpreters that are up to date with the latest cultural and linguistic developments. Instead of starting over with new collaborators that aren’t tested, our agency provides a roster of trusted professionals. We also support over 300 languages and are working to include new languages. We also provide a useful tool to businesses whether they already work with non-English speaking clients or if they are looking to expand their services to serve more communities.


Advanced translation tools and techniques

The high complexity of today’s modern tools demands a high degree of experience and specialization from translators. Our system gives you access to certified translators in various fields. With LanguageXS you select interpreters based on your need. Our system allows you to choose medical interpreters or court interpreters. It also allows you to choose the interpreter gender based on your client's preference. You also do not need expensive equipment or software to enjoy the benefits of our live interpreting services on both of our Video Remote Interpreting VRI and Over The Phone Interpreting OPI, you can use your own handheld devices/desktops.


Compliment existing services

Our services can also be utilized in a way that they complement other tools or services being used, in case you are already using and it’s always a smart choice to sign up for our services. We are a great help when a scheduled interpreter doesn't show up on time because our best translation agency provides 24/7 services (On-Demand Interpreting) or when a client requires a rare language translator that you can't find. Moreover, the only time you need to pay us is when you actually sell a service that requires our assistance, so that means you only pay when you actually get some revenue out of the deal or else you pay nothing. Thus, we are totally available with our 24/7 translation services for you. With these professional translation services, we are a great complement to any service you are already using so that you are guaranteed to have a second plan in place for any emergencies.

Sound like the perfect solution for your language interpreting needs? Get in touch with us here at LanguageXS ( Maine Interpreting Agency), we’re happy to provide a quote or answer any questions you may have!

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